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ACCEPTING Only committed individuals to sign up!  Not seeing changes, It’s because you’re doing something wrong. You have to keep your body guessing and follow a plan. To join my online training you must Make a 3 month commitment and get the body you’ve always wanted. No refunds will be issued and a minimum term is 3 months. I am only working with dedicated people. NO EXCEPTIONS!  

What do you get with Online Training?


    A custom training plan
    A custom nutrition plan
    Both plans are tailored to you specifically


In order to achieve your dream body, we recommend you stick with JK Balance Package for at least 12 weeks (3 month commitment).


PLEASE EMAIL ME IN THE CONTACT FORM PAGE to set up your online training.

The price list is only available through email with me!



Additional Details:

I will create a customized diet plan that I will re-adjust for you as we determine what works with your body and what doesn’t, and as your body progresses.  We will also do weekly check-in's.  I will look at how your body is reacting to your diet and training, make adjustments.  The training plan is a detailed routine, that I customize for you, to help you meet your fitness goals. 






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