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Fierce & Fit in Five!

Fierce & Fit in Five!

Posted by Jessica Kiernan on 19th Jul 2016

No Gym, No problem! Try my FFF Method. I have the most effective exercises to keep your heart rate up and body sweating keeping you in tip top shape this summer! Lets shred baby shred ! Here are my Fierce 5 Moves!!

Here are my two top ways to do these!

Try these moves like this:

Option1) Run through all the exercises for 1 minute each, then rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat again for 10 times through!

Option2) Do 10 reps of each exercise within a 5 minute time frame. No rest until 5 minutes is up.

Fierce Tip: Use a small band around your ankles in all exercises to turn up the fat burning!!!

Push-up Jacks

These may be the ideal total body exercise. They build both upper body and core strength and when done properly the push-up is a compound exercise that uses not only the chest and posterior arm muscles but your shoulders, back, abdominals and even your legs! The steps below describe how to execute a perfect push up.

Step 1 – Get into position facing the floor with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet together. Your body should be fully extended.

Step 2 – Get up on your toes. You should be balanced in a three point position: Your two hands, separated and the third point being your toes together, taken as one point.

Step 3 – Your body should be straight, parallel to the floor. Don’t sag in the middle or arch your back. Your buttocks (glutes) should not be raised up in the air.

Step 4 – Contract your abs and pull your tummy in. Keep your core firm throughout all the movements to follow.

Step 5 – Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows, lowering yourself towards the floor. Come close to the floor but do not rest on it.

Step 6 – Exhale and push up using your pectorals and triceps, keeping your back straight and your core firm. Push up until your arms are extended but without locking your elbows. Then bring feet and legs wide apart like a jumping jack for one time. Repeat for as many times as your workout requires.

Fierce Tips: You may keep your feet slightly apart for more balance but try to eventually do your pushups with your feet together as this is better for your core strengthening. The further apart your hands are the more you work your pectorals, and, conversely, the closer together your hands are the more of a workout your triceps get. You can even try to do a two point balance pushup eventually by keeping your hands as close together


The burpee is also called a Squat Thrust and is a full body exercise for strength training and as an aerobic workout. The method described below is the “four count burpee” as it has four distinct steps. This works up your heart rate, blasts abs and rocks your glutes and thighs!

Step 1 – Begin by standing with space in front of you for headroom and space behind you to extend your legs.

Step 2 – Drop to a squat position with your torso bent forward more and your arms extended downwards, palms flat on the floor (count 1).

Step 3 – Kick both of your feet back in one quick motion, landing on your toes as if getting ready for a pushup (count 2).

Step 4 – Bring your legs forward quickly to return to the squat position (count 3).

Step 5 – Jump straight up as high as you can, extending your arms above your head (count 4).

Fierce Tip: Write down how many you do in one minute and try to beat that number the next time you do them!

Power Squat

Description - The jumping jack is a great aerobic exercise that gets the heart pumping and helps improve cardiovascular health. Being able to take this exercise anywhere makes it one of the best ones out there! Power-jumping jacks carries oxygen to your lungs, enables your blood to pump with less effort, and tones muscles and burns those calories! Power-jumping jacks combine the benefits of jumping jacks and squats. You work your glutes, thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps and core.

Step 1 – Stand up straight, hold your abs in tight and put the majority of your weight on your toes.

Step 2 - Jump out, pushing through your heels and toes, separating your legs straight out to the side, wider than shoulder length, with your knees slightly bent. Be sure your knees are pointed straight directly over your toes.

Step 3 - Swing your arms up and out to the side and over your head as you jump, clapping your hands over your head.

Step 4 - Do two small jumps with your legs out and your hands above your head.

Step 5 - Bring your legs back together into a squat position and bring your hands back down at your knees as you squat.

Step 6 - Bring your hands out and over your head once more and put your legs out to the side standing up straight. Jump two small jumps in this position as you did before.

Repeat this until you've done the desired amount of repetitions. Remember to get yourself up to a little sweat level in the warm-up.

Dive Bomber Pushup

Perform all movements in a slowly and smoothly--real dive bomber pilots don't make any jerky movements!

Fierce Note: You can do this exercise with your feet together or slightly apart for more balance. Note that your core will get a better workout if your feet are together.

Description: The Dive Bomber Pushup was developed by the Navy Seals as part of its training regimen. It works your entire core and stretches and strengthens many muscle groups used in daily activities and exercises such as your hamstrings, chest, abs, back and shoulders, among others. It is a full body sculpting exercise and with pauses at the ends of the two main positions, stretches all the muscles that you use all the time; done smoothly and without pauses you will get a good cardio workout. It may look difficult and complicated but is actually quite simple. It focuses on areas of the body that regular pushups don't. This type of pushup will improve your body's flexibility, endurance and flow.

Step 1 - Get into the regular pushup position with your hands right beside or under your shoulders. Keep your body straight and firm by tightening your core. Inhale.

Step 2 - Exhale as you push your buttocks up in the air by straightening your arms and using your triceps and chest muscles for the force needed. Keep your back straight throughout this movement, and your neck and head in line with your body. (At the end of this step you should be looking at your feet.)

Step 3 - Feel the stretch in your hamstrings for a few moments and then imagine a "target" in between and behind your hands. Inhale and look at the target and make a diving movement, bending your elbows and supporting your weight with your triceps and chest muscles as you descend smoothly. When your face is close to your target, pull up and forward (yes, just like a dive bomber pulling out of a dive after it's dropped its payload).

Step 4 - Looking forward, continue your movement forward and up, stretching your head towards the sky until your arms are fully extended again. At this stage your back should be arched, pushing your chest out. Feel the stretch in your abs for a second and then lower yourself comfortably back into the starting position.

Pretzel Ab Crunch

Lying on back, cross your legs Indian style, hands behind head, if you need back support place hands under lower back. Breathe in as you move your legs 45 degrees down toward the ground, then exhale out and bring your legs up to the chest or head, squeezing your stomach hard. Tucking your hips and tail bone to get the most for your lower abs.

to build your abs out, use a weight and when doing ab exercises and keep reps at 10-12. 

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